Our History

Founded in 2004 by Philippe Natalizzi and his former partner now retired, the company has always specialized in the management of private family wealth. In 2009, when Joël Rochat joined it, the firm changed names to become Onyx Wealth Management.

An independent company of human scale, Onyx Wealth Management embodies, today as before, its unchanging values. Security, reliability and confidence form the cornerstone of the harmonious relationship we maintain with our clients.

Our Philosophy


We concentrate on the essential: the satisfaction of our clients.

At Onyx, we do not have to deal with company politics, bureaucracy, long-winded meetings or sales objectives. All our time is dedicated to you. Fundamentally independent, we are free from any conflict of interest that could affect you. Our professionalism is built from many years spent in prestigious financial institutions. We are fully committed to achieve the highest standards you are entitled to experience.


To advise you and your family throughout generations in a fully independent way are our philosophy and our honour.

Our philosophy is based on timeless values. Onyx Wealth Management displays the values inherent in its name.

Mineral by nature, onyx illustrates our esteem for the solidity and the durability. Firmly planted in this rock, Onyx Wealth Management confronts with you the ups-and-downs of the financial markets, economic turmoil, and the changing geopolitical landscape.

Reliability and precision are the characteristics associated with onyx, a variety of quartz. Mythology has attributed to this mineral the virtues of wisdom and good sense. It is these qualities that we apply each day in our work.

Shining without being arrogant or ostentatious, acting with transparency and discretion, maintaining confidence, and being available for you - these are the values that motivate us.

Our Team

In a field where discretion and attentiveness are primordial, the professionalism of the team that serves you is fundamental. Since the creation of our company, you have counted on a loyal and stable team, pledged to complete confidentiality. All our colleagues have distinguished academic records and many years of experience in the banking industry.

We have all the necessary tools to ensure a high-caliber performance of your assets. Favored relationships with our depository banks give us access to sophisticated management software and a large range of financial and economic research.