Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is at the heart of our activity. Once the wealth situation is assessed, this outline guides us naturally towards an investment strategy adapted to the client’s needs, thus creating a value chain.

Investment profile

The return is only one of the components of an investment strategy. We will help you to precisely define another essential element in the equation: your risk tolerance. Once this is incorporated with your investment horizon and your needs for revenue and future cash-flow, we will be able to propose the investment strategy most adapted to your situation.

Investment style

Following the example of Benjamin Graham, one of the founding fathers of financial analysis and portfolio management, we consider risk management absolutely essential. Wealth constitution is a long and difficult process that often spreads over several generations. Our first mission is to protect wealth before growing it. This is why, whatever your risk profile, from the most conservative to the most aggressive, we always favor absolute performance to relative performance.

Our management is one of conviction. We concentrate our investments on a limited number of themes that appear to contain the most promising outlooks, without sacrificing diversification, the key element in risk management.

Constructing a portfolio depends on its size, its performance objectives, the risk profile, and liquidity needs. We turn to direct investments in stocks and bonds as well as specialized investment products covering regions or sectors. Seeking the best cost-price ratio determines the final choice of financial instruments.

Free of all conflicts of interest, we only select financial products that correspond to your needs.

Within our firm, we do not seek to be experts of all aspects of financial management. If the need presents itself, we will call on our network of financial specialists to find the most appropriate solution. This also goes for real estate investment, hedge fund management, structured products, and private equity.